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    Active Notify gives you instant access to important notifications. No need to unlock your device to check time or notifications.

    Instantly check out the Notifications, you can immediately decide if something is important to check.

    Active Notify has been created taking in account the importance of Notifications & Time

    ♥ Works on Phones, Phablets & Tablets too.

    Features :
    ● Awesome UI
    ● Intelligent Algorithm
    ● Screen Gestures
    ● Notifications Lockscreen obey Auto Detection
    ● Ignore App Notifications
    ● Inverted Ignore App Notifications
    ● Vibration for Lockring
    ● Custom Screen Timeout
    ● Designed for Tablets & Phablets too
    ● Custom Brightness
    ● Tons of Cosmetics options
    ● Tons of Settings to play with !!!

    Usage :
    ● Hold the lock-ring to read the notification (If any)
    ● Lockring Swipe left to open the notification
    ● Lockring Swipe rightto unlock the device
    ● Screen Swipe Gesture Left & Right : Depends upon function you selected

    Features done adding:
    ● Get profile picture from Google +
    ● Better UI
    ● Gestures
    ● Lockscreen Wallpaper
    ● Set Color to Time
    ● Custom Background Color

    Upcoming :
    ● Customizable Lock-rings
    ● More Auto Detection Methods
    ● Custom Wallpaper
    ● Floating Notifications on Active Lockscreen
    ● Crop Profile Picture
    ● Extra Text

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