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    This is the ad-free donation version of Advanced Password Generation. Thanks for supporting Advanced Password Generator!

    (A free version is also available.)

    Most popular and comprehensive password generator in Android Market!
    "Really great. Obviously coded by somebody familiar with common password attack methods. Thanks!" (5 stars) -- tcpiplab (April 5, 2011)

    Did you find it painful to create a password that is secure, complex but still easy to remember? Or, are you a administrator who need to generator a lot of initial random passwords for users? Advanced Password Generator can help you do the job more efficiently!

    Among a large number of average password generation apps in the Market, some exclusive features make Advanced Password Generator outstanding:
    * The *only* app that contains 3 complete different password generation algorithms!
    * Fully customizable generation options
    * Generate random passwords that contains letters, digits, and (or) special characters
    * Generate passwords using characters from your own character set
    * Batch Generation: make a list of 100+ random passwords and send them via email

    == 3 Different Password Generation Methods ==
    * Random Passwords: Secure passwords that contain lower-case and upper-case letters, digits and special characters.
    * Pronounceable Password: Built from random syllables and very similar to real words, which made remembering easier.
    * Memorable Password: a grammar-based random password generator that uses real English words to generate passwords that are very easy to memorize, while being able to withstand automated password cracking attack.

    == Testimonies ==
    "Excellent Generator I use it daily. Works perfectly, no complaints. Thanks!"
    -- Brian (August 26, 2011)

    "Very clever, versatile, easy to use. Best of the ones I've tried."
    -- James (November 30, 2010)

    "Great work! Works great no issues so far. Like that your able to choose what characters are use to form your password. Samsung Captivate"
    -- Lino (August 19, 2011)

    "Генерирует один или несколько паролей, в параметрах задается набор символов для пароля, можно задать свой набор. В общем отличный инструмент"
    ("Generates one or more passwords, the parameters given a set of characters for the password, you can specify a different set. In general, an excellent tool")
    -- Азат (January 15, 2011)

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