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    Advanced Task Killer Pro

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    FOX Task Killer. It is a tool to kill applications running. This version is pro version which doesn't contain ads.

    FTK is often used to kill apps and clean memory. We do suggest people use FTK manually kill apps instead of auto killing apps.

    -Ignore List
    -One tap widget
    -Auto kill
    -Customize item height

    1. How to use it (for new users to quick start)?

    It is pretty simple. Open this tool and take a look at the running applications list? Uncheck some apps you don't want to kill (such as FOX Task Killer and some system apps) Tap the button 'Kill selected apps', it will kill all applications checked.

    2. How to use it (for new users to do more)?

    If you don't want to kill any application, you can tap it on the running applications list. Then it's checking box will turn to gray.

    3. Why there are programs running that I haven't used or even opened?

    Some applications will start up once you turn on your phone or be invoked by some events.

    Note: For android 2.2 and later version, task manager cannot kill services and front apps, you have to force stop them. If you use task manager to kill them, services might restart, also notification won't be ereased from the top bar. So we don't suggest people use task manager kill them.

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