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    There must be a media player on your mobile phone and it help you enjoy movie when you have nothing to do or what to relax yourself after a long time working. But do your player can play all kinds of file? Can your media player support you search other files in your mobile? Can you take shortcut to the screen when you love a scene most? Can you add subtitle to video and use them to learn foreign language or new song? If not, I have to say your media player is out of date and you need an advanced one now!
    Advanced Media Player Pro is the latest video player with advanced function in it. IT supported all kinds of video format like flv, mp4, asf, wav and other hundred video formats appeared on market. If you download this file, you need not download video converter any more and you can download all video from popular sites like YouTube, Nico-video and so on with your computer or other devices.
    There are great powerful in the playing screen:
    1.Make shot about the screen. When you watch the video, there are must some scene impressed you most, you can shot them and save in your SD card.
    2.Size button help you change the size of the screen.
    3.Subtitle button help you add subtitle into this video you are playing. It will show you all file in your mobile, press the subtitle file, you can add them into video successfully.
    4.Lock the screen with lock button. If you what to unlock, please press menu button on your mobile.
    5.About button help you give me five stars share with friends or tell me the problems you find about this media player.
    6.There is a playing bar under the screen. Press the bar, you can make fast forward or rewind.
    7.Press the button on the end of the bar, you can make a pause/stop or continue to play.
    8.Under the bar are words tell you what's the name and format of the playing video.
    9.Slide the screen on the right side can help you manage the volume size.
    10.Slide the screen on the left side can manage brightness of the video.

    Great functions about the video:
    1.Support all video file in your mobile. (almost a hundred video format are supported by this free player)
    2.Scan and show you a list about all video file in your mobile.
    3.In the list, it can tell you the video name and formats.
    4.Fresh the video list. all file in your mobile phone.
    6.Image help you detail information about the picture you shot.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~For You~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I know I know it's boring! but I have to show this information to you gays~~ This free app has ad! such as icon ad, notification ad. It's just ad, like you see ad in your TV everyday, nothing is special, my friends, I can earn this cents to buy a beef, that's all!
    It is an advanced media player and free for all people. Download it, it can become a great partner in your daily life. When you feel tired, it can relax you. When you feel lonely, it can show lovers face to you. When you can not find a file, it can play as a file browser. What are you waiting, having this advanced player now!

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