aeGis is an OSS alternative to other security apps that interact via SMS.

    This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

    With aeGis you can:
    -- Locate and track your phone if it goes missing or is stolen by receiving sms updates of its location.
    -- Remotely lock your device with a password or pin number.
    -- Remotely wipe your device.
    -- Remotely backup up call logs or sms logs(or both) to either Dropbox or Google Drive.
    -- Remotely enable sound on device and make it scream.
    -- Create an IMSI(SIM Card) whitelist

    aeGis will let you know via response if your action has been completed.

    aeGis source code can be found at

    For inquiries or comments, please see:

    HINT: Default unlock code if you manage to lock yourself out, is "aeGis" (case sensitive)

    HINT: The application has to be started at least once on installation for receiver to work.


    Get Accounts:
    This allows the application to retrieve the names of the gmail accounts on the device for backup services.

    Read SMS:
    This allows the application to backup the SMS' on your device to a backup service of your choice.

    Read Contacts:
    This allows the application to match numbers in your sms/call logs to real contacts on your device while doing a backup.

    Read Call Log:
    This allows the application to recover call logs to backup service of your choice.

    Write Call Log:
    Also needed while matching.

    Receive SMS:
    This allows the application to spawn the various activities.

    Send SMS:
    This allows the application to send a mapview in sms format to the originating address.

    Precise Location:
    This allows the application to track the devices location to be sent to location requesting originating address.

    Control Vibration:

    Needed implicitly by geocoder.

    Currently supported:
    1135 different devices, according to play store.

    If you would like to donate to the project, see:

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