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    Published: 2013-11-21, by Manu Galvez.

    Agent is a tool-packed app that makes your phone smarter

    • User-friendly interface
    • Well-crafted presets
    • Really useful app
    • Needs a trial/demo version
    • It would be great adding custom triggers and tasks

    "A as in Automation"

    Agent is a compilation of preset task to be activated when a parameter is triggered. For example, there's a Save Battery task that starts when your battery level runs lower than 10%. Then it starts to run some processes and disable others to make your battery last longer (pauses AutoSync, switches off non-critical function, turns Bluetooth off, etc).

    However, Save Battery isn't the only preset you can find in Agent. There's also "Sleep" which silences your phone from 11pm to 7am (with some contacts exceptions), "Parking" which remembers where you parked automatically, "Meeting", which silences your phone in meetings, and "Drive" which read text messages aloud and auto-respond calls.

    Of course you can configure customize both triggers and tasks to adapt them to your needs. You cannot add new triggers and tasks though, you can enable/disable what's in each one of the presets. Each trigger has an activity timeline to check out when was activated/deactivated.

    If you were looking for an app able to change your phone status depending on the context, you've landed in the right place.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Nov 21, 2013


    Agent is a must have app for any Android user and gives you these essential missing features for your smartphone: AUTOMATIC battery saving, drive, meeting, and sleep modes!

    Featured as one of TechCrunch's best apps of 2013!
    Watch us on CBS' Good Day Show as App of the Week!

    Update: It's $3.99 one-time payment to unlock everything, after a one week free trial. It's free for users that already had the app in September 2015. Please not that if you uninstall the app, and install it again or move to a new device, you will have to purchase the app even if you had the app before September 2015.

    Agent automatically saves your battery, silences your phone during meetings, remembers where you’ve parked, auto-responds when you’re driving and allows only urgent calls and messages through when you’re sleeping.

    Drive Agent is triggered by bluetooth and motion sensing (activity detection). It can be configured to read SMS messages aloud, respond with voice, auto respond to texters and callers to let them know you’re driving (editable message) & only respond to your own hand-picked list

    Battery Agent triggers at a percentage you choose. It helps conserve battery by giving you the option to turn off bluetooth, dim your screen and reverts back to normal settings automatically when you charge your phone. Will also let you know how much battery it saved you.

    Parking Agent remembers where you parked, based off your speed or bluetooth connection. Will remember your last five parking spots

    Meeting Agent syncs with your calendar to silence/ put your phone on vibrate when you don’t want to be disturbed. It can be configured to activate for busy events only, gives you the ability to specify your working week so that it only syncs with your calendar on days and times you prefer, works with shared calendars and auto responds to selected contacts during these "busy" events.

    Sleep Agent will silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep. You can configure sleep times for different days of the week, minutes of inactivity before activating, auto response to selected callers and texters during your sleeping hours, list of contacts that can wake you & Bluetooth, autosync, wifi and mobile data deactivation.

    App Permissions Explanation:
    -NEW Reroute outgoing calls: For our new status sharing feature which will be released in the next few weeks. we won't actually re-route calls but users have the option to have a notification pop up if you call another agent user and they are in a meeting or sleeping (ie one of the agent states are active). You will both have the option to opt into this status sharing feature.
    - Send SMS: We use this when auto-responding to texts whilst you are driving (if selected), or when you are sleeping for emergencies.
    - Read SMS: When driving Agent will read out your text messages to you to prevent distraction. We don't know the contents of any messages.
    - Read Contacts: This is so that the app can determine whether a contact is in your address book or not (an option for who is allowed to contact you when busy)
    - Precise Location: Parking Agent requires this to store your parking location.

    Note for Android N: Please make sure Agent app has access to "Do Not Disturb" mode so that Agent app can silence your phone while you sleep or when you are in meetings.

    Finally, build customized Agents with our free Trigger app! Available for download on Google Play Store:

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