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    ************** COMPATIBLE DEVICES ****************
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Stock ROM

    Air Command Shortcut is an app that invokes the Air Command menu - a feature that is present in Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 phones and Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) tablets.

    This will create a shortcut icon on the home launcher, multiwindow tray and pen window drawer for easy access without having to exit your current activity. It also has the option to enable shortcut in the notification for faster access and launching of air command.

    I created this app because sometimes it is quite difficult to find and press the button in the Spen to launch Air Command, and more so when you have big fingers. It complements the Spen and is quite handy during times when using the Spen is not necessary like when you have to take a screenshot with Screen Write or when you want to search something with S Finder or when you want to jot a quick note with Action Memo.

    Action Memo, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window can be launched with a finger click but Scrapbooker still needs the SPen to draw a target window. This is a limitation imposed by how Samsung designed the Scapbooker app and can not be changed at the moment (still a work in progress).

    When Spen is inserted and clicking Scrapbooker with finger a preset application will be launched instead but when the Spen is detached Scrapbooker app will be launched as normal. Use the Spen to draw the target window for Scrapbooker.The app will let you know via toast message.

    When clicking Pen Window, the Pen Window app list will be launched with default window size but if you bought and installed my other app - PEN WINDOW LAUNCHER, it will launch that instead so you can customize the size and position of the pen window.

    A settings UI is still a work in progress to give certain customization options for air command. Preset apps can be changed within the settings activity which will come in a future update. This app is still a work in progress but already usable as is.

    This is a BETA TRIAL release. Your suggestions for improving the app are welcome.

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