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    I released a paid version without ads.
    I'd check on the operation, and if this is available in the free version.


    It is an application that controls the airplane mode.

    If you enable automatic switching on the screen ON / OFF
    I will OFF / ON the airplane mode.
    When screen OFF, ON airplane mode if already
    I do not do anything.
    Airplane mode from the control on the app and automatic switching airplane mode
    I will save up to 100 line history.


    When you enable the "Do not auto-switching is charging"
    I do not switch to airplane mode during charging, even if the screen OFF
    Also, when you start to charge while you switch to airplane mode automatically, and I release the airplane mode

    When you enable the "Do not automatically terminate your airplane mode",
    The switch to airplane mode on the screen OFF, I do not do anything in the screen ON

    When you enable the "return on a regular basis,"
    To disable the airplane mode on a regular basis at specified times.
    Return interval of 30 minutes, when I return in five minutes, for example,
    Airplane mode after 30 minutes in the screen is OFF, after enabling airplane mode
    Disabled. Airplane mode is enabled and then again after five minutes.
    ※ The exclusive "does not automatically terminate your airplane mode" and this function is the function
    I have a control that is not checked only one of
    Since there is a possibility that remains is a bug in this function yet (survives. Addition, you'll use and remove the check for this function in that case, if there is a defect in the other functions if you can a comment I think that there is no effect)

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