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    The stop at your hand ! To stop shaking ! I stopped by voice ! I stop button !

    Stop method is freedom ! A wide range also function as an alarm clock !

    Please use please you can also set your favorite music to sound the alarm, because there is also a timer function that can be used when little.

    "Alarm Room" was introduced in youtube!

    [ Alarm room usage ]
    And functions as an alarm clock , of course, you can also play a role , such as a kitchen timer in the timer function .
    And high performance is simple , setting item is developing as easy to understand as much as possible .
    Stop function is enriched, too ! Please try us again .

    Main features of the alarm room ]
    · " Button ", " shake ", " voice ", " contact -less " has been implemented as a stop function of the alarm .
    · It is the stop function a " button" ...... Standard "press" of style
    · It is the ability to stop it is possible to set the number of favorite " shake " ...... yourself, " shake " the terminal by
    · It is the ability to stop the speech recognition feature to " speak " the language of any of the " voice " ...... set by
    · It is the ability to stop the " contact -less " ...... the top of the screen and " holding up " the palm of the hand by

    ※ Because there may not be available depending on the model you are using for voice contact -less , we also implement the function button .

    [ Recommended ] terminal
    · It is recommended the terminal equipped with Android OS 2.3.3 or higher to have you use comfortably this application .
    • Do not appear small by the terminal , there may be a corruption of the layout .
    Because it is intended for (480x854, 720x1280) screen resolution , please contact us if you do not see well in your terminal if .
    - If you have trouble , request , requests for improvement , this app such as , want other , please contact us or review .


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