Get pictures from your alarm system to your smartphone!

    AlarmView helps you control and monitor your alarm system. When the alarm is triggered, you will receive the pictures directly on your smartphone. You are in possession of all the pictures and if something happens you can follow the security guard directly through your app. By simply pushing a button you can abort a guard response or turn the alarm off. AlarmView is suitable for both home and business owners.

    Picture verification in case of an alarm
    If an alarm is triggered, color pictures from one or several camera detectors will be sent directly to your smartphone. The cameras are strategically placed so as to enable you to see whether an alarm is false or real. That way you avoid unnecessary alarm responses while top alarms are given higher priority. The pictures can be used to verify burglar alarms as well as fire alarms.

    Alarm responses
    When an alarm is set off you are notified through a vibration signal and a distinct sound signal from you smartphone. You can easily alert a security guard from the AlarmView app and the guard can send you updates while responding to the alarm. You can also abort an ongoing alarm response. If you have no internet access on your smartphone a text message will be sent with information about the alarm. That way you can always feel safe.

    Arm and Disarm
    You can control your alarm system from anywhere. You can disarm the alarm while you are at work to allow the craftsman to enter your home or to allow your neighbor to water your flowers.

    Status Update
    Status messages are sent directly to your app. In the log you will find events connected to your alarm. You will be able to see if there is a power failure in your building or if your kids have come home and disarmed the alarm.

    * Pictures directly to your smartphone

    * Notification with sound and vibration
* SMS notification
    * Fire alarm management
    * Burglar alarm management
    * Panic alarm management
    * Guard response on real alarm
    * Follow the course of events in case of a guard’s response

    * Arm and disarm the alarm system
* Status messages

    The AlarmView service is provided by Run My Security in collaboration with selected partners. You are welcome to visit our website or contact us at

    * The AlarmView app supports alarm systems from the Visonic Power G family and requires an alarm service from a Run my security partner.

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