Alien Cute Locker




    This application is used to lock/unlock screen of android mobile devices, and you will see the cute aliens in the lock screen. Whether you are believe the existence of aliens or not, you still can have some fun with aliens here.
    Now download this free application, and have some interactions with them in the lock screen.

    Aliens theme for lock screen
    Date and time display
    Sound and vibration effects
    Base on android operating system
    Easy and simple to use

    Usage Instructions of Alien Cute Locker
    It is an application which operates on the android system, in other words, you need to activate before you want to use it. Click to open the main interface of this app, and enable the locker, then you can use this application as your lock screen tool in the cell phones and tablets
    Besides that, you may have seen the settings for sound and vibrate in the main interface of Alien Cute Locker. You also can make them open and use them as the assistant of the lock screen application. Press the buttons behind them to turn on/off these functions.
    As to the background of lock screen, it is a simple story about aliens. The screen will be unlocked successfully when the alien picked by the spaceship which drives by the partner of alien. Simply to say, drag down the spaceship image in the lock screen to the aliens¡¯ position, and it is the way to unlock screen in this app.
    Others, aliens still let you check on the current time and date in the lock screen directly.

    ¡¾------- BEFORE DOWNLOAD -------¡¿
    This app here is free for all.
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    Extraterrestrial life and terrestris is defined as life which does not originate from earth. It is often mean as alien life or simply aliens. These hypothetical aliens range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans.

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