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    Thanks for your interest in AllTime, the quickest and easiest set of timers and alarms in the Android marketplace. Our goal is to make your life a little easier by providing the easiest and most intuitive methods for creating and activating alarms and timers. Timer and alarm notifications can be customized with: sound type (alarm, music, or speech), volume, repeat options (1,5,10,continuous,or until dismissed), repeat interval in seconds, and vibrate.

    All timers, alarms, and stopwatches always retain their state, meaning you can start a timer/stopwatch, exit the app and it will still be active with an accurate value when you restart AllTime. You can even power the device off and the timers retain their state.

    AllTime has the following main features:

    Quick Timer - A basic Countdown Timer in hours, minutes and seconds.
    Event Timer - An Event Timer that expires today, tomorrow, or on a specified date and time. For example, tomorrow at 3:30 pm.
    Stop Watch - A typical stop watch, or countup timer, for timing a race and marking split times. Results can be shared via email or text message.
    Multi Timers - A list of countdown, countup and event timers.
    Multi Stop Watch - A stop watch for keeping track of multiple participants in a race. Results can be shared via email or text message to participant specific numbers.
    Sequence Timers - A list of Sequence Timers. Sequence Timers start and stop in sequential order automatically and sets of timers can be repeated using repeat loops. For example: A workout consisting of a 2 minute warmup and 4 sets of sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups, each performed for 30 seconds. This is a single 2 minute warmup timer followed by a loop of 3 timers (sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups) repeated 4 times.
    Clock - A digital clock that is also the recipient of all alarm notifications and contains the snooze and dismiss alarm buttons.
    Saved Alarms - Create, edit, and remove alarms.
    Saved Timers - Create, edit, and remove timer descriptions.
    Timers can be assigned to user specific groups and then added to Multi Timers when needed.
    Participants - Create, edit, and remove participants for Multi Stop Watch and Timed Events in Competitions. Participants can have text message numbers for contacts to be notified of their results.
    Timed Events - Create, edit and remove Timed Events for use in Competitions. These Timed Events are in groups such as Running and Swimming or any other user created group.
    Competitions - Create, edit, and remove Competitions. Competitions are composed of Timed Events. Example: The Competition is "County Track Meet" and the Timed Events are 400 Meters, 800 Meters, 1500 Meters and 3000 Meters.
    Calendar Events - Shows all events from a calendar in a specific range. These events can then be added to Multi Timers as countdown timers.
    All Active - Shows all active timers, alarms and stopwatches.

    Notes about permissions and why...

    Internet - This free version contains ads, which require internet access. Otherwise, AllTime and AllTime Plus do not require internet access.
    Storage - To export all timers and alarms to the SD card and then copy the file to another device for import.
    Send SMS Messages - To share results via text message.
    Prevent phone from sleeping - To, optionally, set the device to keep the screen on to monitor timers/stopwatches.
    Read calendar events and contacts - Calendar events are read and shown as a list of events only. Contacts are read so you can add recipients for email and text messages. None of this data is saved or sent anywhere. Note: AllTime does not have any internet connectivity.

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