Ambrogio Remote




    Ambrogio Remote, it’s easy and fun!

    Ambrogio Remote is specifically created for Ambrogio Robot customers, to let them have a useful and fun experience with their lawn mower.

    EASY SETTING – easily set up all the settings directly from your Smartphone. (now available only for the model Ambrogio L400)

    HAVE FUN - drive Ambrogio manually through your garden and play with your family and friends!

    BE UPDATED – stay tuned with the latest updates and upgrade your Ambrogio directly through your App

    ## IMPORTANT ##
    The "Update" function is available for:
    - Ambrogio L30 Basic
    - Ambrogio L30 Elite
    - Ambrogio L75 Basic V3
    - Ambrogio L75 Deluxe V3
    - Ambrogio L75 Elite V3
    - Ambrogio L75 Evolution V3
    - Ambrogio L75 V4 / 85 Deluxe
    - Ambrogio L75 V4 / 85 Elite
    - Ambrogio L75 V4 / 85 Evolution
    - Ambrogio L200 v10 Basic
    - Ambrogio L200 v10 Deluxe
    - Ambrogio L200 v10 Evolution
    - Ambrogio L200 v10 Elite
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v10 Deluxe
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v10 Evolution
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v10 Elite
    - Ambrogio L200 v15 Basic
    - Ambrogio L200 v15 Deluxe
    - Ambrogio L200 v15 Elite
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v15 Basic
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v15 Deluxe
    - Ambrogio L200Retro v15 Elite
    - Ambrogio L300 Basic
    - Ambrogio L300 Elite
    - Ambrogio L300 v15 Elite

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