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    The AndMeasure tool allows you to measure distances and calculate area between points on a map.

    The tool has virtually unlimited applications. Use it PROFESSIONALLY for measuring distances and areas in landscaping, lawn care, water line measuring, paving and fencing. Use it in farming, agriculture and forestry to measure your fields and forests. Realtor's can use it for showing clients distances to certain landmarks.

    For RECREATIONAL use, it can be used in measuring off-road routes, plotting running courses, water trips, range estimation at the shooting/driving range. Use it in Golf for getting real-time distance to the green.

    Featured on powered by Farm Journal
    "This app could be an easy way for farmers to measure new fields." March 2012

    Use it as a ruler on a map to calculate the distance between multiple points

    Calculate areas in acres, sq miles, sq feet, m2, km2, Hectare, Ares

    Measure the distance to your location from multiple points in real-time using the "continuous mode" feature

    Switch between Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain and normal map mode

    Find your current location via GPS or Network

    Share measurement and screenshot via email and Google Drive

    Add markers to the map either via tap or by dragging from the "add button" to get super accuracy

    Move markers around to get precise measurement

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    Languages: English (write an email if you want to help with other translations)

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    Privacy Policy:
    AndMeasure does not store any personal information at all. However Google Analytics is used in the app to better understand how the app is used and performs.
    The Google Privacy Policy can be found here:

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