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    Due to a problem with the store, until the next update, you need to install this apk on your phone.
    Be patinet I'm working to the solution

    WiFi Barcode reader for Windows.

    Turn your Android device into a programmable wifi barcode reader for Windows with keyboard emulation.

    Ideal for libraries, post bulletins and small offices.
    You can also use a single PC to acquire all the codes transmitted from different barcode scanner.

    Support for any JSON enclosed in QRCode like Italian AdE QRCode.

    Full support to the management of the italian AdE QRCode (width working example).
    Through the keyboard emulation it is possible to transfer QRCode data into a form of any management software (website, Excel, Word ...).

    Download the application for the Windows side:
    - Windows 8,10 (Framework 4) (
    - Windows XP, 6.7 (
       Microsoft Framework 3.5 is required to run the application, download here

    Configure the IP address in the Android application menu, and it 'ready to use.

    Available in several configurations:
    - Start with windows
    - Immediately starts to listen to the readings
    - Minimization in the tray bar after listening
    - Use the Clip Board instead of emulating the keyboard.

    It is possible to configure the keys sent with the barcode:
    - Nothing
    - Return
    - Tab
    - Custom

    Download and install the Windows application from this url

    At this page you can see more configuration option.

    Check your firewall and enable the Listening Port for incoming connection.

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