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    Android Screen apps has screen on ,screen lock and 3D-Wallpapers in it. It contains 3 functionalities present in this single application.

    The users can use this single application instead of using separate apps for screen on and lock.

    * Screen on will keep the screen light awake according to user needs(always awake, on for 30mmin and 10min).
    Screen Back light on is useful when user needs their mobile light to be on always on.

    *screen Lock creates shortcut in home screen for one time (screen lock icon) and in one click it turns off the screen and so, not needed to touching hard the power button in mobile to lock the screen.

    *screen 3D wallpaper has beautiful 3D images in it and that can be set as home screen wallpaper.


    * This application use to create shortcut for screen lock icon in home screen at once by users one click on the 'create shortcut' button in screen lock option for easy access to lock the screen. No other Shortcuts icons or icon ads will be created in home screen by this application.

    * Before uninstall-Click Deactivate button in uninstall menu.

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