Anti-Loss Pro

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    What if your expensive android phone lose you will do?

    This is the application that when you lose phone, solving all problems of yours.

    1.Crash alert
    - When the phone crash, it will alert you.
    This function is developed for sb who is always careless.

    2.Looking for the phone by SMS
    - By keyword which you set, your phone will turn on GPS automatically and return Geo Location to you.


    Because Android devices are variety,
    I want to survey you can use function of crashing alert or not to help me solve some problems.
    Please report [Devices type] - can you use it when device is on standby mode.
    For example: [HTC Wildfire] - I can't use it when device is on standby mode.

    Devices below can run crashing alert on standby mode normally:
    Nexus One
    Acer Liquid
    ASUS-Garmin A50
    ViewSonic V7

    Some problems:
    HUAWAI U8150
    HTC Wildfire

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