Anti Theft Alerts




    The Anti Theft Alerts application develops for finding your Android stolen or lost Phone. It is useful for quickly prevent thief and locate your phone and get thief number on your five alternate phone number.

    Anti Theft Alerts provides multiple ways to find and protect your Android phone from thief. Best and free application provided so please do not delay download it and prevent your Android phone from thief.

    Anti Theft Alerts provides remote control of your Android Device for preventing your personal information from thief. Many times your contacts are important and which is also useful for others.

    Anti Theft Alerts Feature:

    ***** General Feature******

    When thief inserts new Simcard you can get sms with thief simcard information so you can catch them with simcard number, phone number and many more.
    Automatic start Gps and get latitude and longitude and send sms of thief location from your added contact number list without user interaction..

    ***** SIM Alert Feature******

    1.SIM Changes Alert

    ***** Sms Alert Feature******

    If you have to continue tracking your phone's location.
    2. Remotely Wipe your person contact.
    3. Remotely Wipe your person call log history.
    4. Remotely Wipe your person sms chat history.
    5. Remotely Wipe Device.
    6.Remotely Lock Device.

    ***** Alert Feature (Updated Version) ******

    1. Battery Full Alert
    2. Battery Unplug Alert
    3. Automatic Profile Change

    How to uninstall Anti Theft Alerts?

    To Uninstall, You need to disable admin privilege first. Go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Select Device Administrator and there uncheck " Anti Theft Alerts" and select deactivate. After that you can uninstall.


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