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    apLight-Com is an advanced flash led light controller and compatible version of "apLight".
    With apLight-Com you can use your phone flash led as a torch, blink at custom speeds, turn on the light at touch or use the light of the screen.

    - Blink at custom speed
    - 4 blink modes
    - No Spy: this app do not spy you, like many apps do!
    - Light from the screen
    - Light on touch

    Try "apLight" before "apLight-Com". This version is compatible with more phones but doesn't work in background.

    ON and OFF buttons turn the light on and off.
    The BLINK button make the light blink and you can stop it with the STOP button.
    You can set the speed by selecting the options LOW, MID, HIGH or tapping twice the TAP button.
    Checking "USE LIGHT TIME" and moving the cursor, you can set the light on time (percent) compared to the period.
    Check LIGHT ON START if you want the light on when you launch the app.
    If you Press the TOUCH-FLASH button the light will turn on until you release it.
    With SCREEN LIGHT the screen will turn white, for less light or to use both the led and the screen. Touch the screen to go back. Tip: Increase the screen brightness for more light.
    With BLACK SCREEN the screen will turn black so the screen will not light you up.
    Launching the white or black screens, the flash can't blink, like happend in "apLight".

    To close the app you can click the Quit button or the phone "back" button.
    If you click the phone Home button the the light can stay on but can't blink(like in "apLight"). You can re-launch it to turn off and exit.

    For help or suggestions write to:

    WARNINGS: due to the app high flexibility the phone could crash/freeze. The authors are not responsible for any loss of data. The app performance could be limited by your device hardware.

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