Mobile Data, Wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth drain the battery life the most. Most of the users manage Wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth manually. But how about Mobile Data? You can manage it by using APN widgets. But sometimes you may forget to disable it before the screen goes off. Apn4Apps disables mobile data when the screen is off and enables it according to the selected applications. If your selected application which needs internet connection starts to run on the foreground means you actually start using your selected application, Apn4Apps enables the mobile data automatically. It doubles the battery life without complex settings like battery savers. There are applications still running at the background downloading data even if you disable auto-sync and background data. So it is also very useful for users who have limited internet plan.

    Apn4Apps requires Android version 1.6 minimum. Below Android version 2.2 it disables the mobile data by adding suffix to APN and APN type. If you uninstall it without the mobile data connection please check your APN settings and remove apn4apps suffix from your settings.

    For Android version 2.2 and above Apn4Apps manages the mobile data without modifying APN settings.

    Xperia users please disable Extended Standby Mode or add Apn4Apps to whitelist in Stamina mode in order to Apn4Apps to work and to get notifications.

    Unfortunately Google had disabled the function that was used to enable/disable mobile data in Android 5.x. So Apn4Apps and similiar apps dont work in Lolipop and beyond. Please refer the link below for the status.

    issue 78084 setMobileDataEnabled removed / omitted in Android 5.0 (API Level 21)?

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