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    Published: 2011-05-26, by .

    APNdroid allows you to enable/disable the Internet connection 3G/EDGE/GPRS

    • Screen widget to enable/disable data connection
    • Fast connection/disconnection
    • There's a default button that performs the same
    • Bit expensive just for removing ads.

    "Yes now, not now Full control over your data connection"

    Why would you like to do that? There are two compelling reasons: first, you will save money for the data plan, and second, you will save battery-life. We all have some limits in our data plan, either by fares or data limit. This way you control the constant flush of data. What's more, the data connection is what drains more battery. So, disabling it when you don't need it is the best way to enlarge your battery life. APNdroid allows you to do both just with one click.

    The app is good by itself because of this. But what improves its performance is its screen widget (I cannot live without it!). As it was a traffic light, it will remain red while you are disconnected and green when you are connected. That easy. If you want to stop the data connection from your mobile phone, click on it.

    Some users find this app useless since the most of the Android devices have by default a button to enable/disable data connection. From our point of view, the added value of APNdroid is its screen widget and, in addition, that it connects and disconnects faster than the default app.

    This is the paid version (£1.49) that removes ads and the consequent data traffic that it generates.

    APNdroid has been developed by Martin Adameks, an individual developer who has just launched a few apps on the market, but who's being quite successful, especially thanks to APNdroid.

    APNdroid makes our life easier. It really does. It could included thousands of more things, of course. But it does just what it says, and it does it well. For us, it's a Must-Have.

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    May 26, 2011


    What APNDROID does:

    Prevents unwanted data charges for limited data plans.

    Allows you to manage mobile data settings to prolong battery life.

    Puts you in control of your internet usage.

    Why choose APNDROID:

    Millions of Android customers have downloaded this app.

    It utilises a ‘One-Click’ function to disconnect, making it quick and easy to turn on/off.

    Purchase it once and you can use it forever.

    Locale/Tasker plugin is now standalone free app on Play Store

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