App Shortcuts Unlocker




    Choose the shortcut for certain app to unlock screen and open it though this app.

    - App shortcuts
    - Slide to unlock
    - Time and date display
    - Turn on/off wifi and Bluetooth
    - Sound and vibration effects

    Usage instructions:
    i. Turn on this app on the main interface. Sound and vibration can be opened here, too.
    ii. Click the app shortcut to unlock and open the certain app. Or you can just unlock screen with the lock icon.
    iii. Open wifi and Bluetooth in the hidden tab by drag it down to appear and click them to open.

    This app is used to unlock screen, but it is far more than it. You can unlock screen and open a lot apps though the locked screen. The app shortcuts include contacts, setting and app market and so on.
    Beyond that, you can open programs like wifi in the locked screen, too. Switches for wifi, Bluetooth and airplane mode and so on are hidden in the top in the locked screen. Drag the arrow in the top right corner to use them.

    In a word, this app is easy and simple to use, and it supports some other functions except for unlock screen. We wish you will like this multifunctional unlocker! If so, please give it five stars, thanks for your support!

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