App Timer Mini 2




    *** Now support Android 5 / lollipop ***

    This is a time management tool for managing and analyzing your time spending on apps. How much time you spend on your favorite apps? Do you spend too much on games? We always forget the time when we are enjoying our apps!


    App Usage Statistics (by time and no. of access)
    App Usage Chart (pie / line / stacked bar / bar chart)
    Timer on Screen to keep track the time used
    App Usage Alerts (Sound and Color)
    Quota Setup by Single App or App Group
    Password Protection
    App Access History
    Export / Import Usage and History to SD card

    This app keeps timer for selected apps. It will show a timer on top of the apps to remind your usages today / this week / this month. Based on the timer, you can determine if you are spending too many times on a particular apps. It works like a quota.

    It also keeps history and you can study and analyse your usage patterns. It help you to save your valuable time wisely. You can also see your improvement over time. It is a must have app for app addicts.

    Update Log:
    2.0.113 Now support Android 5 (lollipop, require permission PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS)
    2.0.105 Xiaomi fix (小米、紅米)
    2.0.103 Bug fix, update icon
    * Fix for Nexus 5
    * Fix chart margin problem for HD devices
    2.0.100 Enforce READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for Kitkat (Read SD card fonts / import function), minor fixes (4.4+)
    2.0.99 Larger chart font size for HD devices
    2.0.98 Start On Boot option, optimize for HD res
    2.0.96 Alert Sound
    2.0.92-95 Group Alert
    2.0.90 Protection level, App Alert (Usage)
    2.0.85 Password protection, large chart, chart font size
    2.0.82 Notification fix (4.3+)
    2.0.80 Export / Import to SD card, app details page
    2.0.77 Show No. of Access
    2.0.74 Clear history
    2.0.72 Charts to analyze usages (pie / line / stacked bar / bar chart), history, activities, timer prefix

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