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    OK, so now that you have installed that ton of apps in your phone, how can you tell which app can do what? Which apps have access to make calls? Which ones can send text messages?

    This application gives you a list of all your apps organized in one of two ways:

    1) By Permission.
    Apps appear under each individual permission that they have (make calls, access your location, access your identity and so on).

    2) App by App
    All apps in a scrollable list. Each app is shown with all the different permissions it has.

    If you suspect that an app is misbehaving this might be the first place to look! For example:

    * If your phone seems to have a mind of its own, and is calling numbers you did not dial use this app to narrow down the list of suspects to only the apps that have the permission to make outbound calls.

    * See which apps have dangerous rights.

    * See which apps can access your personal information, contacts, calendar, mail etc.


    * Setting to ignore apps by Google (there will be a lot of these in your phone and we can safely assume that Google is not misusing the permissions).

    * Setting to ignore all the internal OS android stuff (ditto, these are in every phone, and we can reasonably assume that they are all good).

    For support and/or ideas, suggestions (flames!) etc. please email me at:

    I am always happy to implement new stuff and help with problems ... enjoy your app!


    About the Permissions

    This app requires the following permissions to operate (and why):

    Internet Access

    Needed because the app is ad-supported (but with this app you do not have to take my word for it ... go look! :-)

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