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    This free application can scan your applications in detail here with your Android devices. You can get detailed information about your applications in built-in system and SD card from the market. This application is like an x-ray to scan your applications.

    Are you interested in what this application is doing in your back? Or do you want to know deeply about your running applications? This free application can help you out. You can get access to activities, permissions and service and so on.


    There is detailed information about your applications for free.

    They are preview in colored tablets.

    You can experience a better user interface.

    You can look for the application by name or package name as you wish.

    This free application is like an X-ray to scan your applications in the built-in system and on SD card. You can get information about your target application for free with Android devices. You can enter the application name or package name to get related information here.


    Please enter the name or package name of target application. You can get a summary and manual scan for your results. In summary you can get app name, package name and data dir or source dir. You also can get access to requested permissions, activity name or service name and receiver or content provider name.

    You also can scan this application manually. Choose one target and you can enter the action name invoke target with or press cancel to invoke default action. It will do as your action.

    There are 4 buttons at the bottom of this free application. You can delay to 1 min before the screen turns off automatically. More free applications can be available to you in about button.

    Download this free application Apps Detail here. You can give us 5 stars and you can also share this free application with your friends. If you have a feature request, let me know and I am easily contactable via email. Please don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.