Apúntalo! (Pen-It)




    Spanish - Local version.
    You can also find an english version in Market named "Pen-It".

    Useful widget in 2 formats that will help you to remember all those little and important things you try to keep in mind... but you usually forget.

    The "Little" format has smaller screen space and provides brief and useful info at the same time, showing the name of the event, its description and date/time deadline (description and deadline is optional).
    In case that you have entered deadline, the "Apúntalo!" widget will indicate you how many days/hours remain (in blue color) or if the event has already expired (red color). Device vibration will also indicate you that the deadline is up.

    The "Big" format has a bigger screen space that allows you to add up to 10 reminders as you would do with a checklist or to do list on paper or on a typical post-it. Very useful tool so that you don´t forget all the things you need for vacation, daily tasks, job, etc...
    These reminders can be edited, erased and crossed-out (even re-opened); the same way you would do with your typical post-it.
    Of course this bigger format includes all the elements and functions already described for the "Little" format.

    You can create so many widgets of "Apúntalo!" as you wish and update them manually or let the device to update them automatically every 30 minutes.

    Now notifications will appear on your device when the tasks expire shortly or these are just expired.

    Best digital Pen-It tool. Simple & useful. Very good feedback from users during freeware period. On top of that, no error was detected for 2 months.

    Please, note that you may avoid the automatic update of your widget(s) if you clear the device RAM memory from the Android Task Admin in order to free memory. It wouldn´t be any error, but a logic issue.

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