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    WARNING: If using bluetooth, and connecting for the first time, use autoconnect or connection manager.

    Get code samples and post your inventions at

    Build your layout, control up to 24 x 2 circuits + 8 dimmer bars on 7 different devices at the same time, program their functions, take pictures of what you want to control or choose a picture from your gallery (each picture box has three states that can be switched dynamically via app or Arduino) and have fun switching your circuits in latch (toggle button) or momentary (Touching Pictures) modes.

    Get accelerometer data for your Arduino (when multiple devices connected, accelerometer data will be sent to all Bluetooth devices).

    NEW: Make your arduino TALK!!! Use the tag " < T t o S 0 0 : Any text" or change 00 to 01 for your default language. Make your arduino perform a sound alarm using the tag " < A l r m 0 0 ".

    Connect via BLUETOOTH and/or WiFi. Hardware:
    * Bluetooth serial modue (like the JY-MCU)
    * Ethernet shield
    * Any ethernet or wifi shield configured as a TCP/IP server with an IP and port defined.

    Thanks to your feedback and support, Arduino Total Control now can be fully customized. You can manage the layout as you like the most! Just enable "Edit properties" form the menu to hide/show buttons, text or images, then, keep your finger (long click) on the picture in order to change the displayed image, and choose one from your gallery or take a shot.

    Excellent for Advanced home automation, school projects and more.

    Data sent by app are:
    • '<' Indicates special command like accelerometer for example:
    - 9.81 m/s^2 will be sent as integer "981"
    - 56.24 m/s^2 will be sent as integer "5624"
    • '[' Is sent every 2.5 secs in order to know we are still connected
    • Or whatever you want! now you decide what the sending command is!

    Objects displayed by app
    • Images, Can be used as visual dynamic indicators and / or push buttons (with editable commands)
    • Text Tags, Can be used as descriptors, as sensor sources, or to display data from Arduino
    • Toggle Buttons, Can be used as Buttons :p (with editable commands)

    Get feedback from your board!!!
    Board -> android codes are strings that are displayed as feedback! NOTE that empty strings and "\r" will have no effect on the displayed text. End each string with "\n" (New line character) in order to let the app know when to display the incoming string.

    You can easily assemble your own board using a Bluetooth – serial module (like JY-MCU...), and getting the previous codes from micro-controller's serial port (if you want to communicate via WiFi, use the Ethernet shield)

    You can get the code from the app for free, just copy and paste into your Arduino sketch, then auto-format, and download the sketch!

    Arduino Code provided!!!!!
    Arduino connection schematics provided!!!!

    Log Arduino Total Control V 7.5
    *8 scroll bars available
    *New Arduino Beginner and Advanced Sketches for Ethernet and Bluetooth
    *WARNING: Take a look to new sketches in order to use seek/scroll bars

    Log Arduino Total Control V 7.7
    *New Alarm feature
    *New Text to speech feature
    *Some minor bugs fixed
    *Editable Layout Names

    Log Arduino Total Control V 7.8.1
    *Move Enable Feature
    *Editable object sizes
    *Change Background Image
    *Auto-connect and Scroll enable per layout
    *Editable Color Text

    Log Arduino Total Control V 7.8.4
    - Support feature added: manual, common issues, troubleshooting and contact points are provided.
    - Better Arduino Sketch navigation: get the repository link for latest .ino files download.
    - Better layout configuration structure: Hide and display items with a single click
    - v26 IO Expansion board compatible, get it on
    - Minor issues solved

    Tags: arduino relay

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    William S

    by William S

    Jul 10, 2017  |  "Great"

    Attention pls. Which serial monitor suits to view esp8266 arduino uno commands

    Johnney O'Sullivan

    by Johnney O'Sullivan

    Jan 20, 2017  |  "OK"

    Could not make any sense of it.

    Don-John Kulish

    by Don-John Kulish

    Dec 11, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I've made many arduino projects with bluetooth capabilites, and so far have used controller apps that are specific to their function. ATC let's me customize exactly what I want from an command module for complete control of my project, including how I want it to look. The learning curve was minimal and it's everything I could want from a Bluetooth interface, without actually programming my own interface from scratch.

    Mat Shrizzock

    by Mat Shrizzock

    Aug 28, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Ads every few seconds. Makes the app nearly unusable.

    Adam Stock

    by Adam Stock

    Mar 07, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Will not open app

    robert graydon

    by robert graydon

    Feb 26, 2016  |  "Good"

    Constant barrage of ads interrupt use. 3 popped up randomly in the first 15 seconds of use.