Are You Shouting?




    Are You Shouting?

    - What is it?
    "Are You Shouting?" is an Android App that tells you when the environmental sound volume is too loud...

    - Where can I use it?
    In Library for example, where people study hard and claim quiet ;-)

    - How does it works?
    It records the environmental sounds and if the volume exceed a maximum limit, your smartphone will tell you vibrating and showing a popup message.

    - Sound scan in real time
    - Customizable "Loud voice level" setting (in Decibel dB)
    - Customizable "Decibel sensibility" setting (in Decibel dB)
    - Works perfectly in background
    - ALL colors (text, icons and background) are customizable, for an amazing UX
    - Clean and functional UI
    - Nice Flat UI colors, icons and fonts
    - 2 languages supported: English and Italian
    - Compatible with all devices with Android 2.3+

    Credits and Licenses
    Some of the sources I've used, are licensed under the Apache 2.0 and CC BY 3.0 licenses.
    - Logo Image Credit:
    - Microphone Image Credit:

    Get The Source!
    Are you an Android Developer?
    Would you like to implement "Are You Shouting?" on your Apps?
    Get the source code on Chupamobile:

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