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    AtHome Camera Free is the free version of AtHome Camera, which is the ONLY webcam app that supports live view, H.264 based video recording, and remote playback!

    - What's the difference between this free version and the paid version?
    Each time connected to your home computer, the free version has limited live view time, and limited video recording time.

    About the paid version of AtHome Camera:

    - Can I watch live video even when I am outside?
    Yes, you can connect to your home computer and watch live video from anywhere, at any time, on 3G, EDGE or WIFI.

    - But what can I do if I see something important (like a burglary)?
    You can just press the record switch on your iPhone to immediately start video recording on your computer, at full frame rate in H.264 format. Later, you can remotely stream back the recorded video onto your iPhone, just like YouTube.

    - Can I record video if I’m not watching my iPhone? I cannot stare at it all day waiting for something to happen.
    Yes, you can specify two PRE-SCHEDULED TIME INTERVALS each day to automatically start/stop video recording. Want to check if your kids are home when they’re supposed to? Schedule the recording to start at 3 o'clock (Only for the paid version).

    - What if I don’t happen to see, and I don't know when, something is going to happen?
    We are aware that no one watches their iPhone 24/7, so we now support MOTION DETECTION! Video recording will be AUTOMATICALLY triggered if the motion activity is above a USER-DEFINED threshold (Only for the paid version).

    - So what happens if something does happen? How will I know immediately?
    You can configure the server to send you an email when something happens or when the motion detection is triggered (Only for the paid version).

    - That’s so cool, how many cameras can I manage?
    Each computer can connect up to 4 webcams (Mac OS version of streaming server support one camera at a time for now), and you can manage as many computers as you wish (for the home, office, etc) for the paid version. The free version can only connect to one webcam on one computer.

    - Well, is it secure?
    All authentication connections between your iPhone and the streaming server are encrypted. All login information and images are transferred strictly only between your computer and your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    - Is it easy to use? Can I control everything remotely on my iPhone?
    All you need to do is to download and install the streaming server onto your computer. After the server is up and running, you will have full control through your iPhone. You can remotely change camera resolution, frame rate, when to start or stop recording, when to enable motion detection, and etc.

    - Is it easy to set up?
    The streaming server comes with an auto-configure feature to help set up a streaming IP and to configure your router.

    - Oh... before I make up my mind, do you have a description on how to use this app?
    Yes, feel free to take a look at this YouTube video:

    - Finally, are there any limitations I should know about?
    Yes, please note that IP-based network cameras are NOT supported.

    If you have any question about setting up an AVS server on your computer, please visit for details, or feel free to send an email to We would love to help.

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