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    You are at an important meeting, at the movies, at school, in class, or maybe you just need a moment of peace? How many times you have turned off sounds in your phone, forgot to turn it back, and missed an important call or message?

    Stop that! Install Audio ReSilencer by which you will easily set the time, or the time at which the sounds will be turned on.

    Audio ReSilencer is simple and fast to use. You need just a second to set time and restore the sound. Audio ReSilencer has many more options and opportunities for customization. It is an application that will help your life, and save you from a lot of unnecessary situations.

    Use quick buttons to set time, you can set 8h and 30m with just 3 touches!

    Turn on ringer mode detector (in settings) and restore dialog will popup every time you change ringer mode to silent or vibrate.

    If you need to mute your phone in the near future then use silencer.

    When Audio ReSilencer is active it shows the current status and allows you to quickly edit the settings by notification in the notification bar.

    It is designed to be smart, so depends on how you open it etc it will set desired ringer mode and other things.
    Setting to after 00:00 or at the same time as current time means after 24h.

    Audio ReSilencer is battery friendly because it uses system alarm service so there is no background service running!

    Have you ever thought that you your phone is in silent mode, then you started a game...

    You can configure each profile to adjust 6 system volume streams.
    There is also a tab called system to manage current system volume levels and a shortcut to system settings in action bar.
    By default only ringer stream is adjusted and only in restore and low volume profile.

    Audio ReSilencer has DashClock Widget extension (Android 4.2+).
    Requires DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik.

    So this app is audio restorer, silencer and manager.

    Designed for Android 4.4 KitKat.

    Audio ReSilencer doesn't require INTERNET permission.


    NFC - For sharing restore and/or silence time.

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - It is used to reset the planned restore / silence if device was turn off / rebooted but ReSilencer was active.

    MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - For changing system audio settings.

    WAKE_LOCK - To make sure that the profile will be applied when screen is off.

    VIBRATE - There is option in every profile to vibrate when profile is applied.

    SET_ALARM - For alarms.

    BILLING - For future pro version, currently the is only free version. Pro version will have more personalization options and maybe some additional features.

    If you have any problem or feature request please visit: (english only)
    or email me at (english or polish)

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