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    Download the newer Trial Pro Version for Sony SW2 & Pebble Smart Watch @

    Augmented SmartWatch Notify is a LiveWare extension for the Sony SmartWatch. It automatically shows real-time notification details on the watch without requiring any manual intervention.

    *** Note this app is for advanced users only as it requires Android Intents to drive it (such as from Tasker/3rd party
    apps). *** Do not download if you are not familiar with Tasker or can program a 3rd party app.
    You will need Augmented SmartWatch Pro version instead which does not require Tasker

    Prerequisites to using:
    Sony SmartWatch LiveWare app running on Android
    Tasker (or equivalent)
    Some patience!

    There are two screens for each notification:

    The first screen is shown for 3 seconds (with an initial vibration to alert user to "glance" at their watch)
    The second screen is also shown for 3 seconds after the first screen
    After the second screen is shown then the watch display will be turned off.
    Touching the screen within these 6 seconds will disable the automatic display turning of. Swiping up or the normal two finger tap will exit the app.

    The duration of each screen and the vibration can be configured via settings.

    1st Screen:
    Three lines showing the real time notification information and an associated icon

    2nd Screen:
    Weather - temperature & location
    Weather Icon image on top right side based on current conditions
    Battery remaining visual icon (top right side)
    One Line showing the time of the next upcoming meeting plus the meeting title (or No More Meetings if none scheduled)
    Weather - temperature and conditions
    Weather Icon image on lower right side based on current conditions

    The app can also be used in "widget" mode to see the last notification received via a manual tap.

    This app is triggered by Intents:


    It requires two parameters:

    Sender has special reserved parameters which would trigger special images (the default is for email):

    flighttrack - (for the android app flighttrack Pro)

    googlevoice - for Google Voice Notifications

    sms - for incoming text messages (put sms+number) - the "sms" at the start will be stripped out before being displayed

    music - to automatically turn on the music player on the watch (useful if you have it integrated with a car-dock to bring up the music player)

    weather - to automatically show the weather app (perhaps have this triggered via tasker every hour)

    update weather - to be used to get weather information for current location automatically - suggest you use trigger to issue this intent every x hours (or whatever update cycle you need)

    Note the battery status on the phone connected to the Sony SmartWatch is also shown with notifications

    Augmented SmartWatch Pro is the paid upgrade for this app that offers many additional features and will be updated (including support for MotoACTV/MetaWatch & Pebble). See for more.

    LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

    See for the latest information



    Upgrade to Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the following:
    2.4 or higher features
    Ability to display notifications from any app (+ does not require Tasker)
    Additional options on how the watch display notifications
    Wifi/Cell Signal
    Ability to display additional notification that are not available to Tasker via the normal %NTITLE - these are essentially the notifications listed as supported for the MetaWatch (as the Community Edition has the same restrictions). These include Exchange, Google Now, Pandora, Skype Chat, What's App, Google Play Music, Executive Assistant/Touchdown and more
    Ability to configure weather metric/imperial
    Integration with Fitbit/Withings

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