AUTMOTE is an application that allows the device to act as a remote terminal to send commands and receive messages from applications running on a PC. It is highly configurable and flexible, and can be used in many applications.

    Communication with the PC is done via an existing wi-fi network.

    One driver, which provides communication between the terminal and the PC application, is provided at the App support site.

    There may be several drivers on the same network (same PC can not run more than one driver simultaneously) , which serve different applications.

    The user can make their own application and connect to the device .

    The functionalities of this first release are:
    - Selection of connection to one of the many drivers that may have on the network.
    - A button to launch the command to the PC.
    - Up to 5 selectors to specify the type of order that is emitted when pressing the button.
    - Receiving messages for each individual device.
    - Receiving general message to all devices connected to the same driver .
    - Election of the button text .
    - Screen with multiple buttons
    - Detection of the button event type ( push / release)
    - Ability to change the screen from the driver

    On the web support several demo applications are provided .

    The Free AutMote can be used without any limitations in functionality for 30 days.

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