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    Autopilot is a simple app that can help you save your device’s battery power by turning it on airplane mode automatically when the signal is low. You don’t have to fiddle with any buttons to help save your phone’s battery. After a set amount of time, Autopilot will turn off airplane mode without any action on your part.

    Autopilot can also turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options if there are no connections so they won’t continue to run in the background and strip your battery life. There is an activity log that is easy to scan so you know what is going on with your device. This log registers the date, time, and a description of what happened. This is the perfect app for anyone that wants to save their device’s battery.

    -Autopilot turns off your phones network radios when you have low signal to save battery. Automatically turns them on after a specified amount of time.
    -Autopilot can turn off your bluetooth and wi-fi if there are no connections automatically!
    -Autopilot can turn on your bluetooth and wi-fi automatically after a certain amount of time!
    -Does not run in background for maximum battery savings!
    -Does nothing when plugged in to charge.
    -Activity log so you know exactly whats going on!
    -Sleep mode
    -Unique icons for the different features so you know whats going on without even unlocking your phone!
    -Has more features than the rest!
    -Best part, IT'S FREE!

    Stable for BOTH CDMA and GSM phones!

    **Not compatible with some LTE phones!**

    **Internet permission is needed for in-app ads!**

    **In order for Autopilot to get an accurate reading of the signal strength, the screen must be on. This is due to Android OS limitations. Autopilot will turn on the screen for one second to acquire the signal strength. This does not impact the overall battery usage.

    **In order for "Start on boot" to work, app MUST be installed on the phone, NOT the SD card!**

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    New website now available!
    You can see the changelog, go through the tutorial, even leave comments if you have problems or questions! Give it a try! I try my hardest to answer ALL questions as soon as possible!

    **Developed on DROID
    **Tested on Mytouch Slide, Fascinate, Ally, Captivate and Vibrant

    ***Changelog For 2.0***
    ** New User Interface!

    An activity log was added to the main screen so you can see exactly what Autopilot is doing. It registers the date, time and a description of what happened.

    ** Re-organized the settings menu for a much cleaner look.

    ** Added Wi-Fi controls!

    Autopilot can now automatically turn off Wi-Fi when there is no connection!

    ** Added Bluetooth controls!

    Autopilot can now automatically turn off Bluetooth when there is no device connected!

    ** Added unique notification icons so you know exactly what happen without unlocking your phone.

    ** Added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles to the main screen.

    ** Autopilot will now disable itself when plugged in to charge.

    ** Added a “Clear Log History” in the menu that will clear the activity log.

    ** Added a “Refresh Activity Log” int the menu that will refresh the activity log.

    ** Moved the changelog and tutorial to to reduce file size.

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