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    Published: 2015-06-22, by .

    If you want a fast and effective QR scanner, you've come to the right place

    • Read QR codes quickly
    • Activate flash to read unclear codes
    • Doesn't have a reading history
    • Can't read barcodes

    "A solid QR scanner"


    Of all the QR code scanning apps on the market, this is one of the most interesting. Barcode Scanner QR is a tool that you'll find useful, especially if you work with these types of codes on a daily basis, or even if you do so now and then. It works quickly and practically, and is based on a simple mechanism using the camera on your device.


    Raise your phone, point the camera towards the QR code you want to read, and there you have it. This is how easy it is to operate this app, which quickly reads any code you put in front of it. It also includes the option to activate the flash to improve the reading, if you're in an environment that's too dark to show the code clearly.


    The app doesn't save historical readings, nor a way to save readings in a notebook-style app. It would also be much more beneficial if this same app could also scan barcodes, too.

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    by Cecília

    Jun 22, 2015


    "Barcode QR Scanner" is totally free. Your life must have a practical APP, is the only thing you need is a barcode scanner , because it will scan all types of barcode !

    Use "Barcode QR Scanner" , you only need a simple operation can be completed on bar code and two-dimensional code scanning , decoding, create and share ! Let your smartphone rapidly becoming a powerful two-dimensional code , bar code scanning tool . Open this application, keep your camera at a barcode can be scanned!

    Not only that , "Barcode QR Scanner" is also a handy barcode creation tools to help you create QR code or barcode images. You can use it to create QR codes from your contacts , bookmarks , clipboard , and favorite applications. After you successfully created, you can share with our friends QR code or barcode images. Contact cards can be converted into a QR code image , immediately makes you a very professional person , is not very cool ?

    "QR Barcode Scanner" very smart , is your life good helper.
    When scanning two-dimensional code , if the code contains a website URL , you can directly open the link to the website. If the code contains only text, you will immediately see it. For other formats , such as telephone number, email address , or contact information , the program will prompt you to take further appropriate action to complete the dial-up, open or save ,
    Now two-dimensional code scanner barcode scanner can read barcode specified UPC, EAN, barcode scan your collection of product information, so you can more easily investigate product prices , and can search out a place to purchase products or website , so as soon as you have your favorite products.
    Using barcode scanners, two-dimensional code scanner lets you easily decoded text, URL , barcode, e-mail, contacts, calendar events, just simply use the cell phone camera can do .

    We currently support the following formats Code:
    UPC-A and UPC-E
    EAN-8 and EAN-13
    Code 39
    Code 93
    Code 128
    RSS-14 (all variants)
    RSS Expanded (most variants)
    QR Code
    Data Matrix

    Main features:

    supports most barcode formats on the market

    Fresh and Beautiful HD graphic design, has a friendly user interface

    quickly from camera to scan a two-dimensional code and bar code , automatic detection scanning without manually to capture barcodes.

    You can create your own QR codes and barcodes , very fast !

    via SMS , e-mail , social networking share your own QR code ( on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard , and Google + )

    Scan results can be very intelligent handling

    History feature , you can display the list of all past scans

    * To use the "Barcode QR Scanner" , your device must have a built-in camera. If the scan codes to online content ( such as websites ) , you will need internet access. To scan product bar code , the device must have an auto -focus function

    - "Barcode QR Scanner" development based on open source ZXing library . While adhering to Apache License 2.0 .

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