Battery charge widget




    This widget allows you to view information about the current status of the battery the phone or tablet. Displays the following data: the battery level, temperature, and battery voltage.

    Contrasting design of widgets icon lets to determine the current level of battery charge glance, making it easy for users of tablets.

    A feature of this widget is the control of the charging process from the power bank charge (external battery). Some power banks discharge a device after the power transferred. This widget indicates when discharge begins.

    Widget consumes little resources and has no features for task (processes) managing.

    The widget has two modes: quiet and loud.
    In loud mode widget signals (notification sound and vibration) of the battery reaches 100% and the battery discharged to less than 10% capacity. Tap on widget will open a window where you can select the quiet mode. In quiet mode, no user notification occurs on the widget icon is displayed icon «zZz» after the battery voltage.

    After installation, the application can be moved to the memory card.

    In some custom firmware may limit functionality.
    Display of temperature and battery voltage determined by the capabilities of your phone firmware.

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