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    Save your battery life more than 30%!!!

    Battery Elf is a solution for people who need to improve the power efficiency and gain more battery life for mobile devices.

    Battery Elf provides Smart Control mechanism over Wi-Fi and Mobile to save more energy by adopting your behavior. Manual Control can provide you more flexibility to adjust the period of wireless connection. Detecting application and component setting issues cause high battery level drop. We also provide Night Mode to turn off both Wi-Fi and Mobile.

    Battery life is never enough for mobile device. Battery Elf can automatically help you to save energy and gain more battery life while doing minimum influences to your daily normal use.

    *Power Estimation
    -Remaining time estimation
    -User scenario time estimation
    *Advice List
    -Detect APP power consumption issue
    -Detect power consuming component setting issue
    -Provide ignore list to skip monitor specific APP
    *Smart Control
    -Auto switch WiFi and Mobile based on location
    -Auto detect sleep time to switch off network connection
    -Auto interval switches WiFi and Mobile when not using
    -Prolong switching period according to history data, location changing and signal strength
    -Show power saving percentage
    *Manual Control
    -Provide period on/off control for WiFi and Mobile
    -Provide Night Mode to turn off unnecessary components

    Note :
    *The estimation requires some time to collect data for producing better estimation results.
    *The application is developed based on cell phone device, and the version for tablet is under development.

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