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    Published: 2011-08-19, by .

    Battery Life is an app that lets you manage processes and system features that leaks most

    • Task killer
    • Data connection manager
    • Screen widgets
    • More of the same
    • You can perform almost everything with from Android default settings

    "Battery life such an obsession"

    Battery Life allows you to manage tasks, data connection, screen, vibration and other resources that leaks battery.

    First off, it contains a Task Killer that makes a list of installed apps and shows you the ones who are running. This way you can easily end processes one-by-one or by batches. Bear in mind that if you kill system processes they will automatically re-launch, and this can provoke the opposite effect (shorten battery life).

    What's more, Batter Life allows you to set the screen brightness, vibration, sound and bluetooth from a dashboard.

    Regarding data connection, you can turn on/off WiFi, 3G and GPS receiver easily and adjust its using in order to make the most of the battery.

    There lots of this kind of apps. It has to be said that this one doesn't offer something new, so choosing this one or another it's up to you, a matter of taste. However, it's quite easy to use and its set in a cool layout. Most of the things you can perform with this app are built-in in the Android system. This kind of apps just put everything together for a faster acces.

    Battery Life has been developed by AndroidAppTools, an emerging developer focused on improving Android system features.

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    Aug 19, 2011


    Battery Life app battery saving app for Android is the only true battery saving app that diagnoses your Android device and restores battery life faster than any other app in the market.

      "Incredible performance from my Evo!"
    "I'm stunned at how well this works"
    "A stable and free app, a must!"

    To save your device's battery you need to kill background tasks, adjust screen brightness, turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth, network, and other functions that aren't being used.

    Do it all in a snap, just press the widget icon for Battery Life on your desktop after installation and you will instantly free up unused memory and close apps that aren't being used,

    Battery Life app finds everything on your phone that is using your battery and allows you to get back all of your phones resources quickly and painlessly with one tap!

    Users have reported over double the battery life using our app.

    Features include:
    - Add as a desktop widget (long press desktop, add widget, chose Battery Life) Tap any time to power up!
    - Task killer and services killer. Kill just one, or all running tasks, apps, and services with one command
    - Includes ignore list function to protect apps you want to stay running.
    - Auto kill mode.
    - Quick settings, lets you control every part of your android for complete customization of how your device will consume energy.
    - Everything  works together in this all-in-one battery saving app and helps save your android battery!

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