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    This app monitors your battery and try to predict when your battery is depleted. In the app there are two predictors: Real Time and Average. The Real Time prediction uses the recent history and calculates the average over a limited number of history values (you can change this limit through the settings of the application). The average prediction uses the first and last item in the history list.

    **note: when the app is updated, you must restart it manually!**

    More information:

    How it works:
    * Every time the battery capacity drops one percent, this event is recorded and added to the history
    * The predictors tries to predict when the battery is fully depleted (at least two history items are needed)
    * Each predictor has an own tab for more information about depletion time
    * Clicking an item in the history list shows a dialog with more detailed information (expanded in V1.1.0)
    * There is also a "Graph" tab to visualise the history

    * When you start charging, the history is automatically cleared
    * Depending on the settings, the history is also written to the local storage

    * In the settings you can enable and disable if the application should dump log files automatically
    * From the menu you can dump log files manually

    Coming next: V2.0.0
    Reworking the app:
    * It will contain two screens. One for battery monitoring and one for process monitoring. It will be possible to detect battery consuming apps between specific times.
    * Completely rewritten with concurrency in mind which will reduce app crashes