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    Does your phone always need charging, even once a day? Does your phone often die at crucial moment due to running out of battery? Want to find a perfect solution? Now! Battery Savior is an all-in-one power management tool for both Android smartphone and tablet. It's free! It can provide the most accurate battery information, keeps track of the recent battery changes, monitors battery-draining processes, and helps you to deal with various battery wasting situations at ease.

    Save power, extend battery life and perfect experience of using phone with Battery Savior.
    1. Battery widget and notification app to show voltage, percent, real time left.
    2. Easy Battery Saver saves your battery by intelligently dealing with phone’s usage left time including light usage, normal usage, heavy usage and constant usage.
    It can show battery time left in hours and minutes via battery calibration system.
    3. You can have a view of all battery use in your mobile.
    It has the basic system control, network control, screen control and cell control to meet your normal battery saving needs. You can also get use details and settings of these items.
    4. When you charging your mobile, you can also choose to disable lock screen or not.
    5. Want to have a control of your battery use, you can enter into the setting and find a suitable solution for you.
    It has the 4 different controls and runs intelligently to save more battery.
    There are basically 4 parts including colors and themes, times settings, adding alarms and other settings. The more, waiting for you to find!
    6. Want to log battery changes? You can enable logging in other settings.
    7. There is a visualized battery status on status bar to show % battery left (off by default, turn on in settings).
    Green/Amber/Red status bar notification icons depended on battery level in setting.

    Please note that there may exist small problems in this app.
    1. Hint may be unhelpful in your mobile. You know, the menu function may be abandoned.
    2. It also leads to Themes function can't run.
    Believe me. We are striving to fix it.
    No matter what the situation, no matter who you are, Battery Savior can offer you a suitable solution. You can set all the values as you like, let your phone running in your way. The more, waiting for you to find! Just have a try, you’ll find it really a good assistant!

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