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    This companion application provides the full software license for your installed version of Battery Spy. Please do not install this application unless you have been directed here from the Battery Spy About screen. Note that this is not a stand alone application and does not have a corresponding icon in the launcher. Please follow the steps outlined below to unlock Battery Spy.

    Upon completion of the trial period, Battery Spy will display an About screen on start up that will ask whether you would like to purchase the full software license. Clicking the Purchase License button on the About screen will take you to this market application.

    Perform the following steps to unlock your installed version of Battery Spy:

    1. Purchase this full license companion application
    2. Install the application. You don't need to run the application; and it will not be shown as an icon in the launcher
    3. Go back to the Battery Spy About screen to authenticate your full software license with the Android Market licensing service
    4. The results of the authentication process will be displayed on the Battery Spy About screen

    If your license was not successfully authenticated, please follow the directions displayed on the About screen. Contact customer service if you are not able to authenticate the software license successfully and we will walk you through the process.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Android Market licensing service requires that your full software license be periodically authenticated. The frequency is determined by the licensing server. In order to keep your full software license valid, this application must always accompany your installed version of Battery Spy.

    Your purchase of this full software license ensures that we can continue to deliver quality software to the Android community. Thank you for your support.

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