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    The app that fully takes care of your battery needs!

    This app allows you to not only extend the amount of time your battery stays alive, but also increases how fast your battery reaches its full newest potential! To put it simply, your battery will LAST LONGER and CHARGE FASTER with this app! Not ONLY that, but you can also find out everything that is running on your battery and get options to each app that is running. It also displays your battery charge percentage, how long your battery has been running (how long the phone has been on), the current health of your battery (good, bad, critical, or excellent), the current temperature of your phone, and even your battery type! (such as Li-Ion which means it's a Lithium Ion Battery) Remember, if you don't notice a big change right away, give it at least 48 hours to fully allow for the battery to reach its full potential.

    Now you can decide if you want your CPU Processor for performance(Fastest), for being On Demand (Mixed between Performance and Battery use), or for being Conservative (Using the least battery possible). This allows YOU to decide when you want a fast phone, or a phone that saves battery no matter what! And it's so easy to switch back and forth! :)

    We have implemented BRAND NEW technology that is not seen in any other application that works with the Android OS (Linux) itself and tells it exactly how to optimize its battery charging properties at the system core. It doesn't matter if you are using your Android to run 100 apps, or it's not being used and is Idle with a black screen, this app allows your Android to determine the state of your phone and chooses the best settings for getting the most out of your battery!

    We have added a NEW Information Bar that tells your what's going on the entire time. Make sure to watch it for updates of what's going on when you press the buttons on the home page or the menu.

    REMINDER: if your Android is rooted then that means it is capable of changing every core system setting without restrictions. That means that even this app will be able to optimize more core system's battery settings. If your phone isn't rooted (ie, it's stock) then it will STILL WORK JUST FINE! There is just more that it can do if your phones rooted (or unlocked).

    It's a simple app that is the baby brother of our fully optimizing app - Ultra Android Omega Tool Set. We have also included an extensive Cache Cleaner that cleans every type of cache or temporary file that is just taking up extra space on your phone. And if your phone is rooted, we have included the SD Card Super Booster that allows your to choose between 2 top speeds of your SD Card for much faster reading from files on your SD Card (such as apps that you may have moved over to the SD Card) all for your enjoyment!

    The name of the game is powerful, yet simple. We provide one-click optimizing apps for your Android and will continue to bring you the newest of technologies and optimizations!

    Remember: If you like this app, check out our All-In-One Android Tool that hits every part of your Android phone with powerful settings and optimizations at almost no cost to your processing speed and power!

    If you have any questions or comments or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to hear from our customers and whatever they have to say!

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