Battery Widget Info

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    Battery Widget info contains an elegant 1x1 widget that displays the battery level on the desktop. Displays additional battery information , also contains an indicator of battery level that is available to the notification bar, so that it is visible even while surfing the web or are texting or to save space on the desktop.

    The available widget is fully customizable with colors and transparencies to suit your tastes and needs. Includes a log of charge that lets you know the history of your device's charge, in addition to know the duration of your last charge and remaining time until full discharge according to usage patterns .

    * Know the health of your battery
    * Controls the charge log
    * Customize the widget as you want
    * Know the status of the battery
    * Know the approximate remaining time
    * know the voltage and battery technology
    * Know the battery temperature
    * know the duration of your battery
    * Shows the percentage in the notification bar

    Battary info only takes the necessary steps to notify changes in the battery status.

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