BattMonX is a battery monitoring utility that can indicate the current state of your phone's battery via a status bar icon (all phones) and/or the LED indicator (many phones).

    You can select/assign a different color to the status bar icon and/or LED indicator (if enabled and supported) for each of BattMonX's two main monitoring modes:

    - by charging state

    * full / charged
    * charging
    * discharging

    - by each 10% range in battery percent-charged

    Additionally, you can monitor, for each of the above modes:

    * high battery temperature

    * low battery percent charged

    Note: when enabled, the above two modes:

    - take precedence over all others

    - have selectable thresholds

    - optional vibrate or sound alerting


    - selectable LED on, off, or blink action

    - LED color tester

    - auto-restart after boot option

    - battery temperature and voltage reported in notification shade pulldown

    - option for rooted phones to have LED turn on even when screen is on

    - now shows 1% change in percent-charged for Droid X

    - v2.6 supports four time-range suspend schedules


    The LED function of this app will not work on all phones. For example, the Samsung Vibrant and Captivate do not have LED indicators. Some phones only have a two-color LED (the HTC Eris and Evo 4G both have a green/amber LED; the Epic 4G supports a red/blue LED) which might allow for partial functionality from this app (especially if rooted).

    LED functionality works wonderfully for the Motorola Droid-class phones (original Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Milestone). If your phone has a multi-color LED indicator and you have problems get the app to work, please contact me for debugging options.


    receive SMS: app will step-aside when SMS/text is received to allow the blinking-green SMS notification to take control of the LED so that BattMonX does not interfere with the text notification; SMS message is NOT read or parsed

    modify SD card: write/read temporary file to scan for battery status files and LED notification's brightness files (to make app compatible with a wider-variety of phones); there is also an option to enable logging of debugging messages to the SD card

    wake-lock: keep CPU awake for approx. one minute after screen is turned-off or un-plugged so that LED status is updated

    vibrate: used for the low-battery percent or high-battery temperature alerting options

    start at boot: optionally allow app to be automatically restarted after a reboot


    For screen shots and additional information, please visit

    Please contact me at if you have any issues, questions, comments, or suggestions. Cheers!

    Thanks to all who have donated or purchased the donate version (very much appreciated!)

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