BB Dice

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    A Dice Simulator for the Blood Bowl board game.

    Forgotten your dice? then this is the app you need.

    This application will let you roll all the dice required in a game of Games Workshop's Bloodbowl board game, based on the Living Rule Book 6 (LRB6) this app will allow you to roll the following dice:

    -D6 and D8 (six and eight sided dice)
    -Block dice.
    -Weather Roll, including description.
    -Kick off chart, including description.
    -Injury Roll, including description.
    -Armour Roll, including skills such as claw, mighty blow
    -MVP Roll.

    Also includes sound effects (easily turned off in the settings menu) and 'Shake to roll' which allows you to roll the dice using a simple shake of your device.

    Now the only things you need to play are your board, figures and this app.

    Also see the BB Dice Lite application for a free advert based version of this application.

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