Beep Time For Android




    This is a simple interval timer.When it reaches the set time interval,it will beep.
    As we all now,time is really important for us.
    Now, we can download it so that it can help us to manage our time to a certain extent.
    Take a very simple example.You are cooking soup in the kitchen. You are waiting while watching TV.
    It is very possible that you will forget to turn it off.
    Don't worry.The Beep Time For Android will help you.

    User Instructions:
    1.When you open the app,you will see a clear setting interface.
    2.At this time,you can set the minute,second and sound you want.
    3.The green "+ " is add function.Click it to add sound loop.
    4.The right button of add is to play or pause.
    5.As the icon suggests,the trash bin is to delete all sound loops.
    6.Clicking a sound loop can also delete it.
    7.You can also set the Allow sleep or not.If you select the Keep Awake,the screen will not turn off.
    If you select the Allow Sleep,the screen will become dark after a few minutes.

    -Multichoice of minute interval:from 0 minute to 60 minutes
    -5 seconds as the unit of second interval
    -Four available sounds:Blip,Noisy Ding,Ring Digital and Vibrate
    -Enable the user to adjust the volume

    Don't hesitate to download it an have a try.
    You will find it very useful in the daily life.

    This is the free version, so you will understand that we need to use ads so we can develop more useful and funny things. This app may use your notification or icon ads, but you will easily opt-out or just ignore them. If you don't agree with these ads, please don't install it, thank you.

    Beep timer is traditionally useful in verifying whether time keeping equipment is functioning correctly in its automatic compensation to or from DST, or when clocks noticeably begin to "lose time". Other applications are if a cell phone's battery dies, wrist watch malfunctions, or to help time keepers adjust or synchronize many time keeping devices in an area, which might otherwise all end up on different deviations of time.