Best App Manager




    Play as the best app manager on android market, Best App Manager used to manage apps quicker and easier. You can use it to search running apps and choose kill running apps or refresh. The service software also be shown in a list. Of course, there is all apps list. The downloaded apps can be uninstall, clear date, get detail info or other managements!

    - Quickly Uninstall (mobile phone bring apps can not be uninstall).
    - Running app list.
    - Service app list.
    - All software application list.
    - Show active memory and total memory they occupy.
    - Force stop.
    - Clear date, get cache date and permissions.
    - Refresh running app list.
    - Set auto refresh time.

    There are large amount of app manager software on market and all of them have different functions. Our new version 0201 taken up 712 kb is the most functional one (in my opinion).

    Just need one finger click, one can enter setting page to force close, clear date or uninstall. It is much more convenient and the steps are simple. Don't you think so?

    Different from general management apps, this free app will refresh all list automatically. Of course, the auto refresh time can be set by yourself! Just press MENU button, you can enter setting time page.

    Our new version is totally free and hope it can help you much in app management. Please offer me stars after downloading and its my honor to solve problems for all of you (send email to show your problems).

    ### Known before download ####
    We work hard to develop apps and offered all for you with 0 money. In order to keep company running, our apps are ad
    supported. If you get icon ads or notification ads in software, hope you understand us. If you dislike them, just uninstall this app
    and please do not leave us low ratting!

    The Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals & objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Having an app manager on phone can improve efficiency!