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    Battery+ is a cheap battery saving app that can extend your battery life up to 70% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.
    Professional, easy to use, Battery+ by new technolgy co. (gives a longer life to your Android phone , provides you with detailed battery information and helps it charge healthily with our unique 4 Stage Charging system.
    ● Easy & Powerful Saver — Increase your battery life by up to 70%
    4 power management modes and easy one-touch controls that solve battery problems and extend battery life. It’s the simplest way to keep your Android phone working when you need it and protect against poor charging,
    , sleek and elegant app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, and even serve as a battery saver.
    Professional Charging
    Battery+ regulates the manner in which your device is charged with a Unique 4 Stage Charging system to ensure you get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge
    Widget Included
    Our battery+ widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. The 4x1 widget makes it easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness, etc, and set power saving modes.

    ✓ Displays battery information in percent (%)
    ✓ Full support for all known screen resolutions
    ✓ Power source indicator
    ✓ The precise battery level is displayed in 1% increments
    ✓ It is helpful and can serve as a battery saver.
    ✓ Battery is incredibly lightweight!
    ✓ Additional battery information:
    - Temperature
    - Voltage
    - Health status
    - Technology
    ✓ Accurate battery remaining time!
    ✓ Accurate charging remaining time!
    ✓ Wifi/Data/Bluetooth toggle!
    ✓ Brightness control!
    ✓Charging Tips!
    ✓ Simple easy-to-use interface!
    ✓ Notification bar
    ✓ Charge Alerts
    ✓Usage chart
    ✓Time left to recharge

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