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    This app can be activated by the inside setting button. Then you need to deactivate before you uninstall it, otherwise, you cannot uninstall it.
    Click the following buttons to deactivate
    Menu - setting - location and security - device administration
    Find this app there and uncheck to uninstall.

    This application is used to help you to remember the birthday of people who important for you, and it will remind you when the birthday comes. With this free app, maybe you can make yourself more popular among your friends. Now, download it!

    Birthday countdown days show
    Alarm clock for birthday
    Information for person's birthday
    Base on android mobile operating system
    Easy and simple to use

    Functions introduction
    The things in this application are around with birthday.
    Main interface
    It will show you the person's name, and left days to his/her birthday.
    You can click them here to check the detail information for the day of his/her birthday, such as will be age, week day and zodiac sign and so on.
    You also can have some further operations by long pressing it. Download this app and you will find them out.

    It is the section you can set the alarm clock and some other display information.
    Calculate way and date format can be chose in this section, and various options are provided by Birthday Countdown Alarm Clock.
    You also can turn on/off alarm, set alarm time, sound and vibration effects.

    How to remember the person's birthday though Birthday Countdown Alarm Clock?
    - Press the new button in the main interface
    - Enter into the information, including name, description and birthday.
    - Click to save it and then you will find it in the main interface

    Be a nice person and start with Birthday Countdown Alarm Clock!

    ¡¾------- BEFORE DOWNLOAD -------¡¿
    This app here is free for all.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Birthday is a day that a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth.

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