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    This is an advanced call/sms filter and blocker tools. Create a black list and stay safe with your Android phone. This is a simple app, but rich and powerful features to manage unwanted call/text message from anyone.

    This app works with per caller ID (incoming number) basic. Caller Ids can be organized into blacklist, or exception list and configured blocking options. Here are a list of features:

    Kit Kat users: not SMS blocker dueto Google changed on Android OS

    1. Blocking:
    Block call/text/MMS messages for a blacklist (a list of numbers)
    Block call/text/MMS messages for private numbers (no numbers, no caller id), numbers not in my contacts
    Block call/text message for pre-/post-fix numbers
    Exception list (don't block list) (PRO)
    Text filters by plain text or regular expression, prefix-matches, postfix matches.

    2. Manage blacklist and logs:
    Options for an incoming call:
    - Turn off ringer
    - End call
    - Optionally "pick up then hang up" (change in app's settings)
    Advanced number matching mode including exactly, start with, end with, contains, regular expression
    Blocking scenario (can be set up from app's settings or widget (press HOME/menu/Blacklist/widget)
    - Block numbers in blacklist excluded exception list (regular mode)
    - Block all numbers excluded exception list (very useful when you are in vacation)
    - Block all numbers (useful when you are sleeping)
    - Turn blacklist off
    - Auto SMS reply for blocked calls
    SMS blocked with/without logs
    Option to clear blocked missed call log

    3. Configuration
    Hide Blacklist's icon from Launcher and dial to launch the app (default is <5555> or <##5555>
    Schedule to turn on/off (PRO)
    Import contacts/call logs/ sms into a black list or add a custom number (not in your phonebook)
    Easily manage logs (sms back, call back, search, delete, restore, disable (PRO),...)
    Disable/enable logs (PRO)
    Password protection (PRO)
    Enable/disable block notification
    Backup and restore blacklist settings

    4. Widget
    Quick access widget to change blocking scenario and common configuration
    Auto-reply counters

    5. Call Confirm and Secret Box modules

    6. and event more:
    Auto reply pre-defined templates
    Change widget themes
    Invisible blacklist icon (Invisible)
    Quickly add last call/text number to blacklist/exception list

    Bug report and enhancement request:
    Drop a few line to

    * PRO: Pro version can be purchased on Android Market
    * Invisible: Invisible version likes Pro version, but it has an icon and a name differe

    * Note: to enable pick up then hang up feature, go to setting/pick up then hang up

    Why caller is sent to voicemail: Block a number with "end call" and turn "Pick up then Hang up" OFF
    Do not send to voicemail: Block a number with "end call" and turn "Pick up then Hang up" ON


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