BlowTorch MUD Client




    BlowTorch is a basic telnet client that supports the following features that people find helpful for playing MUDs.

    MCCP Compression
    ANSI Color Codes
    As many custom buttons you can make!

    BlowTorch now supports Portrait mode as well as Landscape mode!
    MUD/MUSH/MOO Servers are text based games that operate similar to terminal applications. A host name and port are used to connect a player to a game. Game servers can be found at and

    Custom buttons are made through long pressing the window where you want the button to be. Buttons can be grouped onto pages by using button sets accessible through the MENU button.

    Triggers can be extended by turning off "Literal" parsing. This will enable regular expression parsing for the entered pattern. Capture group text may be replaced in response actions by using $1,$2,$3, etc, where the number specified is the index of the captured group.

    Problems, Questions and Bug reports should be emailed to the developer email address for the quickest response.

    Happy mudding!

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